In 1995, four 15-year-olds created a phenomenon the ripples of which can still be seen in pop culture, yet these four men, now turning 30, remain largely unknown. After they created an insane sport called "Freestyle Walking," MTV aired their story, of school oppression of their creation, and it became the most popular story featured on MTV's groundbreaking new-media show "MTV News: Unfiltered."

A year later, with the creation of Soap shoes, the kids saw their sport monetized and also witnessed - so they claim - the theft of an idea they pitched to marketing company only months after Freestyle Walking became a sensation on MTV.

Lords of Soaptown tells the story of the kids who created a sport which went viral before the internet, which turned into a following on the internet, which soon found competition in the form of Parkour videos, which have since strived to distance themselves from the umbrella label of "Freestyle Walking." The birth of an underground movement and sport with roots in our primal need to jump and run is caught on tape, unprecedented for any other sport.