Below, you can find more information on Banded Artists' featured productions. Outside of these, we are currently developing a number of other film, television and web projects. Though we don't have a specific genre concentration, there is a strong thematic current that runs through all of our projects - exposing our audience to undiscovered perspectives.

Whether a comedic or straight documentary, we pride ourselves on our abilities to find not just the key players in any story (we are also skilled researchers), but those who can show us the story within the story. With reality TV, we strive to produce positive programs that not only resist the exploitation of the show's subject matter, but also respect the intelligence of the viewer. When it comes to feature narratives, we are strong on character and short on sentimentality. It is our view that the only way our productions will ever have an impact is if we give our audience the most pertinent information and concise stories in the most entertaining way possible.

As a self-contained production house, Banded Artists is competitive and professional. With a network of film crew, actors, writers, producers and special effects artists, no project is too large in scale. Our projects range from micro-budget webseries to big-budget independents, from comedy to drama to documentary (comedy or drama).